Selected Short Works

Some of my favorite pieces, written to keep the claws sharp. Click on the images to read:

An Open Apology to the Schmucks Who Got the Stuff On Top of My Refrigerator 
Aiming Low, [2011]

Every parent has that place...the special spot where toys go when the goal is total disappearance. For me, that place is the top of my refrigerator. 

The Most Pinteresting Woman in the World
Final Round Qualifier, Erma Bombeck Writing Competition [2016]

My love-hate relationship with social media and the fashion mistakes it yields.


The Gift
First Place Global Human Interest category, Erma Bombeck Writing Competition [2018]

Imperfect love from an imperfect animal. It might just be the best kind.


Fourth Place Writer's Digest Short Short Story Contest [2018]


A Modicum of Equity
The Saturday Evening Post [2019]

Someone just flipped Carolyn Finkel the bird.


pizza 2.png
Fresh Hot Delicious
The Summerset Review [Spring 2019]

Norm is seventy-one and delivering pizzas, but not for the reasons Rebecca thinks.


Wherever You Go
Top Ten finalist, WOW! Women on Writing Competition [Winter 2019]

Lucy likes to go for walks. So does her best friend Marjorie.


Odds Are
The Citron Review [Summer 2019]

On my first mammogram.


For Internal Use Only
X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine [July 2019]

Since Richard lost his job, he's been talking in his sleep.



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