About Me

I've always been the creative type. Raised by a single dad on the wrong side of the tracks, in high school I was forced to choose between my lovesick childhood friend and the rich handsome playboy who stole my heart.

Okay, not really. That's the plot of Pretty in Pink. But while we're on the subject, I have a particular fondness for the works of John Hughes, a major crush on girls who make their own clothes, and (most of all) a love for telling stories. I finished my first full length novel in 2016 and, after revising and querying and revising some more, I discovered that writing the book is the easy part. 

I live in St. Louis, MO and spend a lot of my non-writing free time embarrassing my husband & two sons and spoiling one sassy Border Collie and a fat Corgi.    

The Lists
Get to know me through lists posted without comment or defense. Those who wish to argue should get their own website.


Top Five Teen Movies
still waiting for jake ryan
1. Empire Records

2. The Breakfast Club

3.​ Sixteen Candles

4. Can't Hardly Wait

5. Mallrats


The Five Most Famous People I've Met
a little something for everyone in the npr set. and kip winger 

1. Salman Rushdie

2. Stuart Gibbs (hey tween readers! I see you)

3.​ Noah Wylie

4. Diane Rehm

5. Kip Winger


All Alone in a Deserted Movie Theater and...Top Five Candies
no, YOU considered separate lists for chocolate and non-chocolate candies #cripplingsugaraddiction

1. Charleston Chew

2.Reese's Pieces

3. Twizzlers

4. Junior Mints

5. Chick-O-Sticks


My Top Five (Favorite) Books I Read in 2018
it was a (another) good year to crawl under a blanket and read. listed in no particular order:


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